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Men Leading Men to Christ


The Sons of Allen organization seeks to create a ministry for men, both clergy and lay, which addresses the needs for distinctive ministries for men who are faced with spiritual, social, political, and psychological challenges.  Our goal is to equip and encourage men to implement ministries modeled by our founder, Richard Allen as he sought to meet needs in his community.


  1. To lead men to an acceptance of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior.

  2. To organize men into units and empower them to meet men's needs in such areas as Evangelism and Stewardship.

  3. To teach the men of our denomination the history, doctrine and polity of our denomination with focus on the life, mission and ministry of our ancestral father, Richard Allen.

  4. To teach the men to witness their faith in daily living, such as in the workplace, the community, and the home.

  5. To encourage men to engage in outreach and service as a part of Christian servanthood.

  6. To seek resources and support of men as husbands and fathers.

  7. To empower men to serve as role models to young men and to develop youth ministries such as scouting ministries, in local units.

  8. To encourage men to share in ecumenical relations.


Vision For the Future

To strengthen and mobilize the Sons of Allen by increasing the involvement of
men in the organizational workforce globally. We seek to develop an organizational structure, build mentoring relationships, and create sustainable ministries and a reliable and effective communication network, where all men are aware of their importance to each other, the AME Church, and the Christian community.

Exciting Opportunity

*Amazing opportunity for Black Male Seniors. Pass on if you know anyone:*

Greetings! *Males needed Meharry Medical Program*

I am sharing this message from Dr. Glenda Glover, President of Tennessee State University and her Community Affairs Liaison, Mrs. Barbara Murrell. There is a program between TSU and Meharry Medical College where the student would go to TSU for three years and then on to Meharry and finish to become an MD or DDS in 7 years instead of the traditional 8 years.

They have enough females already signed up for the program and no black males. If you know any black males who are high school seniors that want to become a medical doctor, *have a 28 on the ACT and a 3.5 GPA,* I have a possible free ride for them at Tennessee State University. You can send prospective candidates information at: ** will forward to President Glover and Mrs. Barbara Murrell. 




40-Year Commemorative Pen

$15 SOA Pen
Purchases can be made via Givelify. Make sure to Note the Commemorative Pen on the Memo line

Prayer Needed

Please Pray for Bro. Monroe Miller the Connectional Sons of Allen President as he recovers at home. We thank God for being faithful to his servant. 

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